FTU Rockin' Ruckus and Zindy Neilson - Believe

Here is my latest tutorial fresh from paint shop pro.
Hope you like it. It's called Believe. 

This tut was written on September28,2009. 
Any similarities to another tutorial is purely coincidental.
This tutorial writer assume you have a working
 knowledge of how to use paint shop pro.
All my tuts are My Free Copyright so please read
 my terms of use before using.
This tutorial was done in PSP9, 
but can be adapted to other versions.

 photo ZN_Believe.gif

Supplies needed

Tube of Choice: I'm using Red Farie from Zindy Neilson.
You must have a license to use this tube.
You can find her site HERE
Please do not use without a license.

Scrap kit of Choice: I'm using Season of Love from 
Rockin's Ruckus. Get it HERE
Please leave some love when you download. 
thank you Rockin

Template of Choice:I'm using #46 from Melissaz Creationz.
You can get it HERE. Leave her
some love when you download. Thanks Melissaz

Mask of Choice:I'm using #48 is from Urban Fairytales.
 Get it HERE. Please leave some
Love when you download.

Font of Choice: I'm using DizzyFeiningerSH which is a paid 
font so I can't share.

Effects are Xenofex2 Constellation and Eye Candy4000 Gradient Glow

Drop Shadow H-2 V(-2) O-50 B-5.00 Color Black

Let's Begin

Open up template and shift D and duplicate.
 Close original and remove watermark. x out all layer 
except background layer. go to kit and choose paper of choice.
Copy/paste/resize to fit layer.Go to layers/load/save 
mask and look for the mask with the following setting 

go to group and merge group .
Now make frame layer active selections/float/defloat/modify
smooth..10-both boxes checked. Copy paper of choice over
 top of frame layer. click on frame layer invert/ go to paper layer and
Now delete frame layer.Add Drop Shadow.
Go to the 4 faerie trail layers and color each layer a 
Dark color from your tag. 
I resize mask-paper-and faerie trails by 90%./
make rectangle active selections/float/defloat/modify
smooth with same setting.

copy/paste another paper of choice/resize/go to rectangle layer 
and invert-then go to paper layer and delete-delete rectangle
make rectangle frame layer active. magic ward 
and click inside of frame.color in with black.Add drop shadow.

Make floral brush layer active and color to match colors in tag.
Make word art layer active/magic ward and
 click inside letters.Color word to match tag.Add drop shadow. 

Copy and paste Tube of choice- resize.Add drop shadow.
Copy and paste any element to top and middle where
 the floral is making sure it's underneath floral.

Go to kit and copy and resize and paste flower2 on
 right side of tag-drop shadow.repeat this with another
flower then merge down. duplicate 2x.
 Go to Xenofex2-Constellation with these setting

click on random seed and then ok.

Go to second layer and click random seed again.
Go to third layer and click on random seed one last time.
Resize if needed. I also added Constellation to the
 4 faerie trails. one time each. change random seed for seed layer.
Add your copy write and watermark.
Then add name in font of choice with light color from 
tag and add Eye Candy Gradient Glow 
with these setting-3.00-25-100 Black to name.

Lets Animate
Close off layers 2 and 3 of the flowers.
Copy/merge layer 1 of flower with rest of tag and
 take to animation shop and paste. Go back to psp 
and close 1st layer and open 2nd layer and copy
 merge and take to animation and paste after first frame. 
Go back to psp and close 2nd layer and open 
3rd layer and copy merge and take to animation shop. 
now view animation to make sure it works and save as gif.

That's it you're all done!!! 
thank you for trying my tutorial.
If you use I'd love to see what you made.
send to riggsbee53@gmail.com 
and I will post on my blog.