FTU Bel Vidotti Scraps and Keith Garvey

I'll Melt your Hard Drive

This tutorial was written on December 28,2012.
Any similarities to another tutorial is purely coincidental.
All my tutorial are register with My Free Copyright.
Please do not claim as your own.
This tutorial writer assumes you have a working
knowledge of using Paint Shop Pro.
This tutorial was done in Paint Shop Pro9,
but can be adapted to use in other

Paint Shop Pro versions.

Tube of choice: I'm using the awesome work of Keith Garvey .
Please do not use unless you have a license to do so.
You can get his tubes HERE
Scrapkit of Choice: I am using FTU Bel Vidotti Scraps Soft
Holiday...Sorry her blog has been
removed please use another scrapkit ...thanks
Template of choice:I am using Kan dee 4 a collab for
Misfit Winter Blog Train.
You can download it HERE...Thank you Kandi and Dee
Mask of Choice: I am using no mask
Filters used:Eye Candy 4000 gradient glow - HERE
Font for Name is Santas Sleigh Full Bold
Copy write is always done in Pixelette  HERE

Dropshadow use through out H-2/V-2/O-50/B-5.00
Please leave a thank you when you downloading for supplies.

my tag is just a guide...please use your imagination
and make the tag your own you do not have to
use any of the supplies I used.

Open up Template and ShiftD and close original...delete
copyright layer/delete background

On the following raster layers follow these directions...
leave dotted rectangle layer as is/activate left blue
rectangle layer/copy/paste paper of choice/resize
selection/invert on left rectangle layer/delete on
paper layer/add element of choice/resize if needed
add drop shadow to both

activate right blue rectangle layer/copy/paste paper
of choice/resize/selection/invert on right rectangle
layer/delete on paper layer/add element of choice
resize if needed/add drop shadow to both

activate blue strip layer/copy/paste paper of choice
resize/selection/invert on blue strip layer/delete on
paper layer/copy/paste element of choice/resize to fit
add drop shadow

activate pink mat layer/give it a darker color of pink
copy/paste element of choice/resize to fit/add drop shadow

activate pink circle layer/copy/paste paper of choice
resize/selection/invert on pink circle layer/delete on
paper layer/copy/paste tube of choice/resize/duplicate
on orignal layer/blend/screen/on duplicate layer lower
opacity to 75%/add drop shadow to both/circle frame as is

activate both circles layer/copy/paste paper of choice
resize/selection/invert on circle layer/delete on paper
layer/keep activated/copy paste the face part of the tube
into the circle/duplicate/mirror/add drop shadow

activate blue shape/color the shapes a dark and light
color pink/add drop shadow

add main tube of choice/place where it will look best
add drop shadow

add any other element you wish to use to make the tag
you're own/leave everything else as is/add drop shadow
you can add a word to the snowman or not/I used font
Alaskan Nights and added a inner bevel

add your watermark and copyright credits/give it a slight
gradient glow ...now give your tag to a friend.

You're done...thank you for trying my tutorial
please send me a copy so that I can show case it on my
blog/ send to
.... riggsbee53@gmail.com

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