FTU Bel-Vidotti and Ismael Rac - I'm Hot You're Not

This tutorial was written by me on April 22,2009. 
Any similarities to another tutorial is purely coincidental.
This tutorial was written a while ago.
All my tutorial are register with Free Copyright Protection
,so please read my tou before using...
This tutorial writer assumes you have a working 
knowledge of using Paint Shop Pro. 
This tutorial was done in Paint Shop Pro9,
 but can be adapted to use in other Paint Shop Pro versions.

 photo IR_ImHot.gif


Tube of Choice: I am using the awesome artwork of Ismael Rac.
you will need a total of 5 tubes
You can purchase his tubes HERE at AMI. 
Please do not use without a license to do so.

Scrapkit of Choice: I am using a FTU Scrapkit from 
Bel-Vidotti Scraps Called CHIC. you can find it HERE
Thanks  for the use of this awesome kit.

Mask of Choice: I'm using  EBD MASK #2 from
Enchanted by Darkness  - place in your mask folder in psp
You can get it from HERE
Thanks for the use of your mask Rachael

Template of Choice: I'm using Babes Designz -Template #1.
Thanks Babe for the Share

Font for text and name is Blue Plate Special SW
and copy write is always done in Pixelette
 Get Them ....HERE.

Drop shadow use throughout H-2/V-2/O-50/B-5

Plugin in used VM Natural-Sparkle..
if you don't have it...get it HERE


Open up Template and duplicate and then close original
 (we will resize later)
x out all layers except background.
 Go to scrapkit and choose paper #1
Copy and paste above white background
go to Layers...load/save mask...load mask from disk

Merge group down resize by 90% 

 un x the eclipse layer and resize by 90% 3 times
-using magic wand, click inside eclipse - 
Go to kit and choose paper of choice ( I chose paper #16) and paste as
a new layer/selections/invert and delete. add drop shadow..

Unclick rectangle and resize by 90% 2times

using magic wand again click inside rectangle
Choose another paper and paste as a new layer

Selection/invert and delete. 
Click on the frame layer and resize by 90% 2 times 
 using magic wand choose paper/copy and paste as a new layer
selection/invert/delete all frame except the first frame.

Take your first tube and copy/paste and resize to fit frame

invert and delete/now give it a drop shadow in the color of the tube. 
Repeat this step for each frame. 
Once you have finish go to the rectangle layer and add a drop shadow.

Add your main tube/resize to fit

 and place it where it will look best
give it a drop shadow

Go to your Girl's On Film layer and un click it

resize by 90% 2 times...
(I separated  the words putting one on top 
and one on the bottom depending on which
 tube you use for your main tube)

Now for the wordart layer- 

First go to your mask layer and click on it.
take your freehand selection tool with
 the following setting shown below

Go around the top circle and cut the top circle off. Now to to elipse tool with the following setting shown below...

foreground black/background null/draw out an eclipse around top circle. 
Take your text tool/point it until you see the a)
 and type the same saying as word art
"I'm Wanted,I'm Hot,I'm Everything You're Not"
in Font of Choice( I used Blue Plate Special SW ) size 24 - 
once it's in position go to layer convert.

Now delete the Original Word Art Layer. 

ok let spice it up a little.
Add some embellishments of your choosing

 and give each one a drop shadow.
Resize and add your copyright and signature

....or give as a gift..

 Now it's time to add some animation

merge visible all layers and duplicate twice
x off top two layers and activate bottom layer
Go to VM Natural-Sparkle with the following setting

Random Seed as ...bottom layer-77
x off bottom layer and open middle layer- 

change only the random seed to 135- click ok
x off middle layer and open top layer- 

change only the random seed to 18- click ok


close off the top two layer and activate the bottom layer

 copy and paste in animation shop as a new layer
Go back to PSP and close bottom layer and activate middle layer
copy and paste in animation shop after current frame
Go back to PSP and close middle layer and activate top layer
copy and paste into animation shop after current frame
Go to Edit/select all/animation/frame properties/15
view animation...if satisfied Save as gif and you're done!!!

 Hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial

If you try please send me a copy so
I can showcase on my blog
send to riggsbee53@gmail.com 

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