FTU No Scrap Tutorial - Pinuptoons

Girly Punk

This tutorial was written November 6 2009. Please read my tou before using. This is a easy tutorial to follow...Great for a beginner...Have fun with it and use your imagination. It doesn't have to look like mine. It's just a guide.

Supplies Needed

Tube of Choice: I am using the awesome work of Pinuptoons. You can purchase his
great work HERE at  CILM. Please do not use this tube without a license to do so.

Template of Choice: Rachael of Scraps of Enchantment. She has some awesome templates.
Thank you Rachael for your talented work. Get it HERE

Elements of Choice: I used an element from Missy's Girl's Rock Too scrap kit.You can
use that or something else. Get it Here....Thank Missy
Drop Shadow V-2 H-(-2) O-40 B-3
Font for name is Organic Element and Pixette...get it HERE

Let's Begin

For this template you need to chose you tube first.if you colors don't match the
template you need to use the change to target bush to change the colors.

Open up Template ShiftD and close original.Delete copy layer.
Choose two colors from your tube if you're changing colors.
Go to punk layer and activate it....take your magic wand tool and choose
selection/rectangle and outline each area...then change color to the colors you
chose....do this with each layer except black star(leave as is).

Add your tube and resize if needed and add drop shadow to all layers....
Place your element where it will look best...Resize the entire tag if you choose
Don't forget to add copyright and watermark. Be nice to a friend and gift the tag
with their name on it...Congrats you're done...very easy...great for beginners

Thank you for using my tutorial!!!!

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