FTU Scrappy Bit of Fun and Suzanne Woolcott - Lonely

Here's another tut I wrote...Hope you enjoy....I had a lot of free time lol.

This tutorial was written by me on February 09,2009. 
Any similarities to another tutorial is purely coincidental. 
Please do not claim as your own.
This tutorial is protected with My Free Copyright . 
This tutorial writer assumes you have a working 
knowledge of using Paint Shop Pro. 
This tutorial was done in Paint Shop Pro9, 
but can be adapted to use in other Paint Shop Pro versions.


Tube of Choice: I am using the awesome artwork of Suzanne Woolcott.. 
You can purchase her tubes Here at Gorjuss Art. 
Please do not use without a license to do so.

Scrapkit of Choice: I am using a FTU Scrap kit from Simone's

Scrappy Bit of Fun. you can find it HERE.
 Click on the color preview strip and get the kit.
Thanks Simone for the use of this awesome kit.

Mask of Choice: I am using Sweetmask #9 

from Sweetstuff- place in your mask folder in psp.

Template of Choice:  I am using Created by Jill. #7

You can get it Here. Thanks Jill for the Share.

Font for name is Pricedown 
 copy write is always done in Pixelette
 Please Google for them.

Drop shadow use throughout H-2/V-2/O-50/B-5
Plugin used : dbs flux-Bright Noise

my tutorial is just a guide.

you don't have to use what I used
be creative and use your imagination 
to make your tag a little different

Open up Template and flood fill background white

 (we will resize later)
x out all layers except background. 
Go to scrap kit and choose paper #4. 
Copy and paste above white background.
 go to Layers...load/save mask...load mask from disk

Merge group down and Lower Opacity to 50% 
duplicate twice...do not merge...you should have 3 layers
Go to kit and copy blossom branch #2/resize if need 
and place underneath mask...duplicate and mirror
make one lower than the other.

unclick Big Wave and using magic wand click inside
copy and paste paper #7/Selection invert and delete. 
add drop shadow/unclick medium wave 
using magic wand again click inside.

 Click on color preview and choose the beige color 
with dropper and flood fill wave with that color. 
unclick wave line and using magic wand click inside
 go to kit and choose paper#5 
paste /selection/invert/delete
now add the same drop shadow

unclick diamond lines selection/float/unfloat
 and copy/paste paper #4...then selection/invert/delete
duplicate two times and do not merge
you should have three of these layers. 

unclick frame...now go and copy frame #3 
 paste over frame...merge down
using deform tool shape your frame in an oval shape

using magic wand click inside
choose paper #4/selection/invert/delete
 place paper under frame/drop shadow the frame

now place your tube on top of frame letting her legs swing down
 (choose the tube without the letters) 
drop shadow tube...place the flower ribbon
 #F2 in the upper right side add a drop shadow.

Now it's time to add some animation....
You have three mask layers...
x out the bottom two and 
on the top layer go to dbs flux bright noise 
and copy the following shown below

On the top layer use 30 and click once
On the middle use 30 and click twice
On the bottom use 30 and click three times


resize your tag before you place 

your copyright information and watermark on it
add a friends name as a gift


close off the bottom and middle layers of

 the mask and the diamond layers.
 Copy merge and take over to AS
 and paste as a new layer..
.go back to PSP and click the two top 
layers and unclick the two middle layers...
Copy merge and take to AS and
 paste after current layer...Go back a last time
 and click the two middle layers and unclick the 
two bottom layers...Copy merge and
 take to AS and paste after current layers
Save as a gif and you're done!!! 

Hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial
If you use send me a copy at riggsbee53@gmail.com

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