No Scrap Tutorial - My Wish

Here's another tutorial I wrote. We used this template for one of our challenges and I
loved the way it turned out....
Any similarities to another tutorial is purely coincidental.All my tutorial are register
with My Free Copyright. Please do not claim as your own.This tutorial writer assumes you
have a working knowledge of using Paint Shop Pro. This tutorial was done in Paint Shop Pro9,
but can be adapted to use in other Paint Shop Pro versions.


Tube of Choice: I am using the awesome artwork of Keith Garvey..or you can use tubes of your choice...
You can purchase his tubes HERE. Please do not use without a license to do so

Template of Choice: I'm using Template#127 from Blissfully Beth..She has some awesome items on her blog.
you can check her HERE... Thanks so much for the share

Font for name is Santa's Sleigh Full and copy write is always done in Pixelette ... Get them HERE

Drop shadow use through out H-2/V-2/O-50/B-5


Open up Template and ShiftD and close original...delete copyright layer
close all layers except the background layer...the one we'll be working on
What I did was pick a shade of red from the tube I'm using and added it to the
color pallet..then I used the color target brush to color the background the
shade of red...now close all the layers except for the gray vert rec...using
the magic wand click on the inside a color fill it black ( or color of choice
depending on what tube you are using )...now repeat process using red for the
white vert rec...add drop shadow...

now go to red circle 2 and white circle2 and open them...click on the inside of
the red circle with your magic ward /select/modify expand by 2 and place your male
tube the way you want it. I used a close up shot...go to white circle and invert
and then go back to tube layer and delete...select none...(make sure you cut all
excess tube left over so you don't have black lines on your tag when you're done)
do the same this with the next circle(for this one I chose the body image)

Now you have a choice of using the large word art or the three smaller word art.
I chose the three small ones...it's up to you...Place you male tube on your tag
where you want him and give a drop shadow...now place the female tube where you
want it and give a drop shadow..now you may need to move your word art around
a bit to get the effects you want.make sure all layers have a drop shadow except
the word art layers...resize your tag and place copyright and watermark.

You are done!!!! Thank you for using my tutorial
and don't forget to let me see what you done so I can showcase it


Here's a tag that my friend Mama Ev made from my tutorial...Thanks Mama Ev.

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