FTU Elias Chatzoudis - T.G.I.F. Christmas

Here's another tutorial I wrote. We used this template for one of our challenges and since
Christmas is on a Friday this year...So 

why not a TGIF Christmas!!!!!!
Any similarities to another tutorial is purely coincidental.All my tutorial are register
with My Free Copyright. Please do not claim as your own.This tutorial writer assumes you
have a working knowledge of using Paint Shop Pro. This tutorial was done in Paint Shop Pro9,
but can be adapted to use in other Paint Shop Pro versions.


Tube of Choice: I am using the awesome artwork of Elisa Chatzoudis..You will need several Christmas theme
tubes or you can use tubes of your choice...You can purchase her tubes HERE.
Please do not use without a license to do so

Cluster Frame: I'm using TGIF Cluster Frame by Deni Designz..She has some awesome frames
you can get it HERE... Thanks so much for the share

Font for name is  and copy write is always done in Pixelette ... Get them HERE

Drop shadow use throughout H-2/V-2/O-50/B-5


Open up Frame and ShiftD and close original...delete copyright layer
close all layers except the raster layer #4...the one we'll be working on
Activate Raster 4/selections/select all/float/defloat...

take your first tube and place where you want it ...use my tag as a guide.
do to raster layer and invert/then go back to tube layer and delete.
Do this with the remaining tubes (I used four tubes here)
lower opacity to around 40 on each tube then merge all the tube layers together

Now closed both layers and open the TGIF layer...Activate each letter one at a time
and place your tube where you want it to show..go to word layer to invert and then
go back to tube layer to delete...Do this three more times with your other tubes
until all four letters have a tube inside the letter.merge down after each time you

close this layer and open the layer raster #6 and the copy layer...Flood fill your color
pallet with a color from you tube...I used the red color and using your change to target
brush...color both layers in the color you chose...now color the heart in the same color
so that it will match the tag.Place you main tube where you like it best and give it a
drop shadow...rest your tag and place the copyright and your watermark....

You are done!!!! Thank you for using my tutorial
and don't forget to let me see what you done so I can showcase it

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